Our workers are packing razor wire coils in workshop, and razor wire machine displayed.Green PVC coated barbed wire fencing, barbed wire machine and two rolls barbed wire.Razor wire coils and welded wire mesh installed with Y post, forms a security fencing.galvanized and PVC barbed wire rolls in ware house.

Razor wire machine and razor barbed wire are offered

We are a professional company specializing in the razor wire and razor wire machine. Our major products cover: concertina wire, straight line razor wire fence, razor wire mesh, razor barbed wire machine, barbed wire machine, single twist barbed wire, double twist barbed wire, traditional twist barbed wire, electro galvanized wire and hot-dip galvanized wire.

Razor wire machine, also known as razor barbed wire machine is a dedicated machine for the production of razor wire. It is composed of the main machine producing strip plates and the coiling machine that coils the wire into the strip plate.
Razor barbed wire coil diameter: 450mm; 500mm; 700mm; 960mm.
Razor barbed wire material: Galvanized wire and stainless steel wire.
We provide razor barbed wire machine to produce different sizes of razor wires.

Mainly used for military facilities, communication station, the force power distribution station, prison of the border line, garbage dump, cell protection, schools, factories, farms and other security isolation.

Razor wire machine is specialized in manufacturing razor wires. It has high efficiency and quality with compact structure, small volume, easy operation and regulation, convenient maintenance and low power consumption. Using this type of razor barbed wire machine can save you twenty percent of raw materials in production. With all above, it is the most suitable for producing all kinds of razor barbed wires.

Razor barbed machines have some types with different working efficiency, weight. It can produce all kinds of razor type barbed wires. And the specifications are available.

To produce different kinds of barbed wires, barbed wire machines have the twofold ordinary barbed wire machine, straight twisting & reverse twisting barbed wire machine.

Razor wire has some types, single coil razor wire, crossed coil razor wire. It is used with chain link fence as security fencing system in prison, highway, gardens.

Concertina wire or concertina coils is one type razor wire. It can be suppled in single coil or crossed spiral coils. Concertina wire coils are used in gardens, highway and airports.